Warlocks in history

There are many different orders of warlock dating back to before the Golden age and some that still exist today. The most notable are The Order of Praxic Fire and Tanatonauts.

The Praxic Warlocks are an order that believe that people should not be concerned about the nature of the darkness, and should instead focus on fighting it. Praxics value bravery and service above all else. The most valiant among them, those who prove that they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others, are honored with the Cormorant Seal.

Thanatonauts are Warlocks who voluntarily die in order to experience insightful visions before being revived by their Ghosts. Thanatonauts first appeared after the creation of the Crusible, and have been used in various research projects, such as the creation of Hard Light based on recovered Golden age technology.

Not all Warlocks are/were apart of a order and there are many noteworthy individuals throughout our history, some being Osirus, Lord Felwinter, Eriana-3, Lady Skorri, Lord Timur, and Toland to name a few.

  • Osirus—Veteran of the Battle of Six Fronts, Twilight Gap, former Vanguard Commander and former apprentice of the Speaker. Osiris was exiled from the city for his misuse of resources and obsessions with the Vex.
  • Lord Felwinter—Voidwalker and former Warlord who defected to the Iron Lords.
  • Lady Skorri—A Sunsinger member of the Iron Lords and wrote songs on her compatriots accomplishments and feats.
  • Lord Timur—A member of the Iron Lords and Stormcaller who was obsessed with the works of Clovis Bray, particularly SIVA.
  • Eriana-3—Member of the Praxic Order, survivor of the Great Disaster and leader of the fireteam meant to assassinate Crota
  • Toland— was part of Eris Morn’s fireteam when they attempted to assassinate Crota. Toland soon became obsessed with the Hive, causing him to be exiled out of fear. Toland kept an obsessively detailed journal that ends up aiding Gaurdians in their quests to kill both Crota and Oryx.

Over the years warlocks have been able to mast many forms of the light including Void, Solar and Arc based energy.

“Louder said the sunsingers, quieter said the void walkers, but for true balance you must calm the storm within but not without.” – Ikora 

Sunsingers are flames that even the Darkness cannot extinguish. Harnessing the power of the sun to support you team even beyond death, using radiance to fill your self with solar light and resurrecting stronger than ever.

Voidwalkers focus on the smallest atoms bloom the greatest explosions, pulling their strength from a void of space itself and delivering a massive burst of energy that creates a lasting vortex. They focus on large bursts of damage and the ability to drain your opponents energy and take it four yourself.

Stromcaller, Harmony within, hurricane without. The focus all their energy into summing the overwhelming power of a acr storm, calling down devastating bolts of lighting to burn down anyone in their path.

” I always knew you where different from the others, but i never understood my unease. I’m afraid there is little left i can teach you.” -Ikora 


warlock symbol: Rune of the Disciple


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