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The curse of Osiris




The most notorious warlock in vanguard history, I have spent many an hour researching and collecting very last piece of data I could find on him. He is a personal idea of mine and I could write my own book on him and his legendary sunsinger methods, his travels, his discoveries, but all that and I still can’t tell you where he is now. So, for now I will tell you who he was.

Osiris’s story can be traced back to the battle of the six fronts where he fought side by side with the titans agents the fallen house of devils. Warriors will tell of the many heroes they saw that day from Jagi and his host of seven to the Iron lords themselves, however there was one who defied all explanations. Reports exist of a guardian who was seemingly at all places at once, fighting as if they were present on every section of the wall. The six front held agents the fallen that day, the city was saved but not without great sacrifice, blood lined the brink work and cemented the masonry, yet the populous rejoiced. Calibrations where held for guardians, the heroes once more and at the heart of it all walked two men, a titan named Saint-14 walked proudly among his fellow guardians, and warlock cloaked in gold regarded as a warrior of superior prowess, Osiris.

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The Leviathan

“When everything has been taken from you, nothing remains to you. And when you roar into nothing, nothing sometimes answers. So when you succeed, I invite you to walk in my gardens, and to wash yourself in my pools, and to test your might in my arenas. At the end of the game I just may await you, with treasure and with opportunity. For our work is not yet done. No, my champion, my work is not yet done.” –Emperor Calus

We answered the invitation, sot out the hidden treasure, stopped rituals, killed the war beats and ran the gauntlet but non of it prepared us for facing Calus himself. All our efforts where for nothing, we got out loot, armor and weapons guided in gold but we simply uncovered more questions then answers.  I have n more words only wonders, i nee time to think, to question… what is it all for? are we just pawns in all this?

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Iron banner control

Tried my hand in the iron banner and I like to think it went pretty well. 🙂

“You have Ikora’s instincts, kindred spirits are you two.” Lord Saladin