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The Ahamkara

And thus the Ahamkara were made extinct, their call silenced, their solipsistic flatteries erased, their great design – if it ever existed – broken. Of this you can be assured, oh reader mine. ” – Unknown


Young Ahamkara’s spine- gauntlets 

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The Iron Banner

In the years after the Collapse, the world had no Guardians. It had only Iron Lords.“—Lord Saladen


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Faction rally winner


congratulation to…

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Faction rally

Today is the first day of the faction rally, for the next month guardians will be representing their faction in the fight out side the city and the collection of resources in the effort to rebuilding the city. The factions being represented are New Monarchy, Dead Orbit and Future War Cult, each with their own ideals and followings.




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Ikora Rey

Ikora looks at me with one of those looks that—you know sometimes you talk to Ikora and you just think, wow, you are not even using a fraction of your brain on me, are you? One of those looks.“—Cayde-6 


I trained under Ikora for years and as her personal apprentice I came to have a great respect for her. She taught me a great deal about what it meant to be a warlock, we weren’t just  scholars who hid in out books, we where warriors in the pursuit of further understanding, constantly pushing the boundaries of knowledge, even into dangerous territory. She started her career as an iconoclastic Guardian, with a reputation for being outspoken and impatient with the dogma of her peers. She had a very colorful life on the battlefield, whether fighting in the Cruisible or doing solo missions and getting shot down repeatedly, surviving against all odds. Her experience gave her a wealth of knowledge and newfound respect among her fellow Warlocks. Ikora wasn’t always a Vanguard, her mentor before her was Osiris.

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