Mercury was transformation into a garden world by the Traveler and inhabited by humanity during the Golden Age, but come the Collapse, the Vex undid this transformation and completely changed Mercury into a Machine World within days of their arrival.



The Sun itself, as seen on the planet’s surface, appears to be massive in size yet not blindingly bright or hot, possibly result of Vex engineering and sheading. Though much of Mercury is dominated by the Vex, others have managed to visit the planet, including the Cult of Osiris who maintains a camp there in the form of the Lighthouse. Flawless champions of the Trials of Osiris are permitted to visit the Lighthouse where they can find stores of Glimmer and other unique treasures. However now the fallowers of Osiris, including brother Vance have set up camp in the lighthouse as they prepare for his possible return.



The Sunbreakers have their Forge here as well and the Cabal built an outpost at Vertigo, but have since mysteriously disappeared. During the Red War, Mercury was broken apart to fuel the Red Legion’s superweapon, The Almighty. Seemingly half of its mass now exists independently of the rest of the planet. After Ghaul’s death, the Vex began to unite on the planet and repair it. The entrance to the infinite garden can be found here, what lies within is unknown but it is said to contains gates to the past, present and possible dark future though the vex’s eyes…. Or eye… because they only have one. Regardless this is an opportunity that CAN NOT be passed up, it’s going to prove incredibly dangerous as I run a high risk of getting lost in a constantly changing environment but Osiris is out there…somewhere.





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