“Such courage and power—the greatest ever to grace these worlds. You bring all of us peace, we will light the final flare, Devil Red. They will all know what you’ve done.” —The Speaker


Saint-14 was an Exo Titan best known for his crusade against the Fallen on the battle of the six fronts and at the twilight gap, but it was his acts of kindness towards the people of the city are what truly defined him. He understood better than anyone why this war had to be fought, he believed everyone had a purpose and with this we could all make the city a better place, together.

His crusade led him to Solkis, Kell of the House of Devils, whom he killed by caving in its head with his own. Saint-14 was the owner of the Helm of Saint-14 and he vouched for Osiris’s elevation to the commander of the warlock Vanguard, believing him to be a pragmatic warrior. Many objected to this but the Speaker saw Saint-14 as a son to him and backing his praise of Osiris. After Osiris’s rise to power and fallowing his exile Saint-14 later went to investigate what Osiris was doing on Mercury. He had theorized that the Darkness was an army of aliens that had been rejected by the Traveler; this was true at least for the Fallen, but Osiris has seen the bigger picture and saint-14 wanted answers. Saint-14 has not been seen or heard from since his mission to Mercury, where he was tasked with finding and brining Osiris home.


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