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A Class on Hating Whites?!

By Trevor Valescu | May 1, 2017

abolition of whiteness picture

I’m sure the first thing you’re thinking when you see this is that I’m some crazy skinhead conspiracy theorist, but I really wish I was right now. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I noticed there was a curious discussion going on about some class at a college. I went to go investigate it and find out what all the fuss was about. To my disgust and the boiling anger that grew in side me, there is an actual class being taught at the Political Science department at Hunter College, New York, NY. Her name is Jennifer Gabourny and seeing a teacher in charge of teaching the next generation of Politicians and critical thinkers to hate the majority demographic of the nation can only lead to conflict in the future.

Its an attack on intellectual thought when a college allows such a person to teach you to hate yourself and talk about “abolishing your whiteness” and painting you out to be some sort of evil beast meant for slaughter? The white race has done more for the world than any other race in recorded history and how are we repayed? DEmonized by liberal teachers and communist gangs in the streets “beating up Nazis” and getting away with it. How is this allowed to continue in our society? This does nothing but bring us into regression, hinder our development, break apart the unity of our people, our culture, and our country. This may as well be a form of betrayal against everything this country has given you to allow this abhorrent behavoior. I’ll post more evidence here and a link to her teacher rating so you can give her a piece of your mind.

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