So… I’ve already made my view on tapestries pretty clear. I love them. But, they aren’t the only wall decor that someone can have! I personally do not have any tapestries in my room, because with two larger windows in taking up a lot of space, I just don’t have enough wall for it. But, that doesn’t stop me from having cool stuff on my walls! As you can see from the picture, I have hung a Nepal prayer flag that a friend got from me when she took a trip to Nepal. It has a more special meaning to me because it was blessed by a monk… but not all decor has to have a special meaning! You can also see that I have little mirrors about my desk, too! I love those mirrors because they add a lot of depth but they’re also simple and not detracting, which is nice for my little work corner with my desk.

There are so many ways to make your decor your own, and make sure to throw in at least one piece that means something to you, so you can look at it and reflect, especially if it’s in a space you love.Photo on 11-29-17 at 1.17 PM