Do you ever feel like you’re out of ideas? You’ve looked and searched and scoured the internet for more design ideas and you feel like you’ve seen it all, you’ve hit a wall. Well, I think it’s safe to say everyone has. My best advice for when this happens is to STEP AWAY from the screen and…. Go outside. It may sound crazy, but stay with me! The best inspiration you could find outdoors is the color schemes! Nature provides us with such vibrant and rich colors, and puts colors together that we would never think of.

I live on a little lake and there are always great views, no matter the season. Sometimes I step outside when I feel like I’ve hit a wall, and ideas come to me. For instance, the photo below was taken after a rainy day a year ago, and it inspired my room color scheme and reminded me that I love burnt oranges and there’s always something to be said for natural colors.

So step outside and see what happens! You don’t always need a screen in front of you, or someone else telling you what they’ve done to inspire you.

Happy Observing!