Meeting Recap

We started the meeting off our meeting with Olivia, Taylor, and Laura discussing their previous and upcoming internship experiences as well as how they managed to get them. Dr. Ednie then went on to discuss more about our internship program as well as all of the requirements  and the full process. Last, people paid dues, we took tshirt orders and discussed our next meeting time.



We had our first meeting on September 23 at noon, in William’s Center 183B. Things we went over included:

What is ACTIVE?

Athletics, Coaching, Teaching, Involvement, Education

New E-Board!

President: Olivia

VP: Laura

Treasure: Mike

Marketing/Promotions: Taylor

Secretary: Danielle

Let us know if you’d like to join our e-board!

Fall Activities

Sporting event, lazer tag, ultimate Frisbee, guest speakers, resume workshop. Open to suggestions!

Study Abroad Opportunity

Get in touch with Dr. Navarro (


October 21st at noon in William’s Center 183B

**Dues are due today!! $20.00 including a tshirt!

Note: If you want to be in ACTIVE and AMA, it will be $40.00 total!