Tyler Kloss

First/Last Name: Tyler Kloss

Major/Minor: Finance

What is your weirdest quirk?         I  always lock my car twice

What is the most embarrassing song on your favorite playlist?       One Time by Justin Bieber

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?                 Peanut Butter

Greetings Warhawks! My name is Tyler Kloss and I am a Junior here at the great University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. I am currently studying finance, with the possibility of picking up a marketing minor. I am an absolute sports fanatic and watch/play just about every sport under the sun. In my limited free time, you can catch me cruising the open roads in upper Wisconsin with my Dad on our motorcycles. When I am not working as a Fitness Supervisor in University Fitness or studying for class, I love to hang out with my friends and support all the athletic teams at their games.

Throwing it back a few years, as just a little guy I lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but soon fell in love in my new hometown of Germantown, Wisconsin at the age of 3. Here, I grew up as an only child, but found myself building a great relationship with both my parents. My Mom and Dad are the most important people in my life, along with my biggest role models and supporters. For about 13 years of my life, I was consumed by baseball. Weeknights and weekends were spent playing games, practicing, or training for the upcoming season. Once this baseball thing came to a screeching halt after high school, I needed something to keep my mind right and focused. That something just happened to be health and fitness. Growing up, I always used to lift weights and workout, but that doesn’t mean your healthy. While influenced by many of the great people within Whitewater’s Rec Sports, I quickly learned that mental fortitude has just as big of an impact as the physical part of a healthy lifestyle.

My growing passion for health and wellness lead me to wanting to join this team. I figured, why wouldn’t I want to share something I enjoy so much with others of this great community? My goal as a member of this team isn’t to make everyone the most physically-strong person in the world, but rather to help find that unique balance of each individuals mental, physical, and emotional wellness. No one ever said making the transition to a healthy lifestyle would be easy, so it is key to remember to never get discouraged when you come to some bumps in the road. Enjoy the ride to a healthier lifestyle, because I can guarantee you will enjoy the outcome even more. ​




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