Fall Has Arrived



It is that time of the year… The weather is changing, leaves are falling off the trees, and the sight of pumpkins and cornstalks have emerged throughout the town. That time is fall. Finally, you can walk outside without immediately dripping sweat or needing a glass of water. Fall seems to be the fan favorite when asking people what their favorite season is. Now, I tend to wonder if that’s because of the cool orange autumn colors shining in your face when you wake up, or the awesome light-sweatshirt weather. Maybe, just maybe, fall is the favorite season because of all the awesome activities you can do outside. The cool weather allows you to get fit, without burning up in the summer heat. I am going to give some suggestions on great activities you can do this fall to stay in shape while enjoying this beautiful season!fall has arrived image

Attend a pumpkin farm

Taking the family out to the local pumpkin farm is a great way to stay active for the entire family. Walk around, find the perfect pumpkin in the field, and observe all the other cool decorations these farms have to offer. In addition to this, many pumpkin farms usually include some kind of corn maze; you can up your cardio while still having fun!


Go kayaking

If you have a kayak, launching the boat into the water right before sunset will be a decision you will NOT regret. The calmness of the water, the sounds of crickets on the shore, and the beautiful scenery around you can put your mind in the perfect relaxed state that is unbeatable. Also, kayaking around any body of water is a great cardio and upper body workout.


Yard Work

Really, I’m suggesting yard work? Yes, yard work. Although it does sound like a chore and something nobody wants to do, but fall yard work really isn’t that bad. Raking leaves into a big pile can help you relive your glory days as a kid once you jump into the middle of pile you just made. Not only this, but I can also promise you that you will make mom or dad very happy…


Now that fall is here, it totally can change your persona. However, don’t allow the season change to change your activity level. There are plenty more fall activities you can engage in, but take this time to enjoy the surroundings and the comfortable temperatures!


|Don’t forget about the little things in life. They tend to have a BIG impact|


-Tyler Kloss




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Tips to Avoid Getting a Cold


avoid getting sick image

It is that time of year again! Many individuals are coming down with a cold or the flu. Now is the time to make sure you are doing everything you can to fight off the germs. No one likes getting sick, so it is important to take steps in preventing us from catching a bug. Here are three tips to help you stay healthy this cold and flu season.

  1. Wash Your Hands

During cold and flu season it is extremely important to wash your hands as much as possible. If you are in contact with people, then you are also in contact with germs. Soap and water can remove germs, which can help you not get sick from later touching your eyes or mouth. Washing your hands can also prevent you from spreading germs on to others. It is recommended to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. The scrubbing and rubbing of your hands together also helps in removing the germs. If you do not have soap and water, then alcohol-base hand sanitizer is your next best option. Hand sanitizer is great to use on the go. Hand sanitizer can also kill cold and flu germs and help prevent you from getting sick.  Stop those germs from getting to you by washing and sanitizing your hands frequently.

  1. Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Making healthy choices can really improve your immune system. With a strong immune system, you are better able to fight off germs and illnesses. A healthy lifestyle can include working out and eating foods that are good for you. Try to hit the gym to kick your immune system into gear. Another way to escape the germs around you is by getting some fresh air. Take your workout outside or go for a nice walk to breath in some nice clean air. It is also important to eat more fruits and vegetables that have natural vitamins and benefits for your body. Diets with a higher amount of protein can be effective in strengthening your immune system as well. You can also try taking vitamins to help replace the nutrients that your body is not getting from your diet. With a healthy lifestyle in place, your body is stronger to fight off the cold or flu this season.

  1. Get Plenty of Sleep

It is important to consistently get a good night’s sleep. This mean that you are getting enough uninterrupted sleep to feel well rested the next day. Your body needs to recover from the long day it has endured and be ready for the next day to come. It is important to not oversleep, because that can have other negative impacts. Your goal should be to get an appropriate amount of sleep. Sleeping and relaxation also reduce stress, which has been shown to also help keep your body functioning at its best. Getting enough sleep helps you to make healthier and more active decisions throughout the day.


I hope with these tips you will be able to stay healthy this cold and flu season!


~All you can do is work to become a better you~

~Sadie Wrobel