Thinking Ahead: Motivate Yourself to Use the College Gym This Year

Thinking Ahead mediaClass all day, maybe work that follows and how could you forget about the homework? Exercise is the last thing on your mind, and the last place you want to enter is your college gym.  At the time it may seem more like a struggle than a reward; but trust us it’s worth it. Although at the time the stability of exercising in your home sounds ideal, there are definitely perks to hitting up the school gym. I have been there a time or two, so I am going to provide you with some strategies to get yourself to the gym when your busy schedule kicks in.

  1. Make a dope playlist

Right when you’re about to hit the big red button on the treadmill, ASAP Ferg’s “Work Remix” comes on.  After a couple of song, you are distracted and you forget how much you are sweating and aching.  Keep yourself entertained and focused on your main goal, getting a great workout in. Make sure your playlist lasts the entire workout, this prevents on you wanting to stop because you are jamming to One Direction too hard.

  1. Upgrade your workout gear

You have had the same pair of Nikes since sophomore year high school, it’s time to upgrade to Adidas (trust me they are coming back).  Just like buying new back to school clothes, you get excited to actually come back to class to show off your new outfits.  Workout style can be the same way!  Purchasing new workout gear that is comfortable, cute and trendy can make you more confident in yourself and it’s okay to show off a little.  So head to the gym to do so.

  1. Eye candy

Let’s face it, we all know the gym provides some eye catchers.  It may be intimidating to work out with the opposite sex surrounding you, but what is a better motivation to hit the college gym?  Who knows your future could be resting at the gym, while you’re working out at home.  (But beware of the ones flexing and grinning in front of the mirror.)

  1. Bring a friend

Busy semesters equal less gossip time with your friends.  Instead of meeting for drinks or dinner, meet at a mutual spot at the college gym.  It’s an easy and fun way to get a quick workout in and a person to spot the cuties at the gym with.  Be one another’s motivation or make it a friendly competition, “don’t skip leg day.”

  1. Reward Yourself

Nothing is wrong with treating yourself after a successful visit to your gym.  You may think a solid workout is enough of an award, which it is, but who doesn’t love some extra motivating. Spoil yourself for hitting the gym 5 out of 7 days this week.  Pamper your hard work!


Your college gym offers you so much more than you probably even know about!  If you’re looking to clear you mind in your busy schedule or get back into shape, there is no better time than now with the semester approaching.  I hope I can help you to feel more motivated to visiting the gym down the street, right on campus.


I hope you learn. I hope you laugh. I hope you never stop. And remember being fit is always in style.

-Karlee Fowler

Fuel From Within

Fuel From Within MediaWe’ve all been there a time or two. Regretting that pizza or burger we ate just a little to close to the time we decided to hit the gym. Feeling sluggish and slow as we push ourselves through the remainder of our workout swearing we will never do it again. It’s not rocket science that greasy and high fat foods are frowned upon prior to a gym session, but what is exactly the best food to eat before a workout?

Similar to filling a car with gas, your body needs fuel to properly function. But, not just any fuel. The food you choose to put into your body pre-workout can determine the length, intensity and effectiveness of your next workout.  Before your next sweat session, consider these nutritional guidelines I have compiled from ACE certified fitness professionals.


All day long: Stay Hydrated. It’s always a good idea to be drinking plenty of water but even more so when you will be working out. Exercising causes most people to sweat, a natural reaction of the body cooling itself. While sweating is a healthy part of any workout, it can also lead to dehydration from excessive fluid loss.  Be sure to help prepare your body ahead of time by sipping on water all day long, as well as during your workout.


Two to three Hours pre-workout: having a meal two to three hours prior to your workout is a good idea to help give your body the energy it needs to push through your entire session. It’s recommended that your meal consists of a mix of carbs, proteins and fats within the 300-400 calorie range. While pizza or a burger could easily fall into those guidelines, its important to remember this meal should consist of complex carbs, healthy fats and lean proteins. Some popular examples are a chicken breast with veggies, hummus and pretzels or a fruit and nut bar with yogurt. It’s recommended that you stay away from gassy foods such as beans and broccoli as they can cause some intestinal discomfort.


One to two hours pre-workout: As you get closer to your workout, carbs should become the focus of your snack with a small portion of protein. Carbohydrates help increase glucose availability near the end of the workout to keep you working longer. Snacks should stay around the 200-calorie mark and paired with protein will help you feel satisfied and fueled. Some snack examples are cereal with milk, trail mix and banana with nut butter.


15 to 30 minutes pre-workout: If you only have a short amount of time to grab some fuel pre-workout, it’s important to choose easy to digest carbs. Having a snack with about 25 grams of carbs will give you just the right amount of energy your body quickly needs. Examples include a handful of raisins, a few saltine crackers or a small serving of applesauce.

While all these nutritional tips from experts are helpful, it’s important to remember that they are simply guidelines. Everyone’s body is different and you have to do some experimenting to find what foods work best for you and your workout needs. Taking the time to fuel properly can be the difference between an average workout and a great workout. Let the food you choose to consume help fuel your body from the inside to create a killer workout your body will thank you for!


If you have a favorite pre-workout meal or snack, comment below to share with others!

~Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.~

-Hannah Anderson


coffeeCollege students often have morning routines along with millions of others Americans.Whether that includes eating last night’s pizza leftovers, taking a cold shower because your roommates took all the warm water, or even wearing questionable clothes because you haven’t had a chance to do laundry yet. For many college students, including myself, mornings include lots of coffee, and this summer has been no different (took out “for myself”). But what is it about coffee that just gets us going: The Smell, The Caffeine, or The Taste? It differs across the board what it is to you. Coffee for me is arguably 1/3 of everything I drink, so what is it doing in terms of my health? I decided to look a little into what exactly coffee offers in terms of benefits or on the flipside, what is it harming?

According to, there are four main points which create an “overview” of coffee.


1) Aroma is defined as an odor whilst taste is the sense experienced by the tongue and describes sensations of saltiness, sweetness, sourness or bitterness. Flavor is a combination of both aroma and taste.


2) A large number of volatile compounds are associated with flavor in coffee, a smaller proportion of which are responsible for coffee aroma.


3) Experts define and describe the aroma and taste of coffee, generating profiles that differ according to type of coffee bean, geographical location, level of roasting and preparation method.


4) Drinking coffee provides a multisensory experience influenced not only by the type of coffee, preparation method, and any additions, but also by the environment including the drinking vessel.


When we wake up in the morning, we all want to feel that sense of alertness, but for most students we aren’t able to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep. So what relation does coffee have to that sensation? According to the website previously mentioned, “Caffeine’s ability to enhance alertness and sustain attention has been well documented. The primary mode of action of caffeine as a mild central nervous system stimulant is related to its action as an adenosine receptor antagonist. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) concluded that a cause and effect relationship has been established between a 75mg serving of caffeine and both increased attention and alertness.” SO put into human terms, for an average human being a 75mg serving of caffeine which roughly estimates to a cup of coffee (depending on roast, among many other factors) will result in both increased attention and alertness.

Coffee has so many other benefits, along with a few concerns that students should be aware of since it’s the lifeblood of us! Check out the article to learn about them all!

“Success is a journey but we treat it like a place and it doesn’t make sense if you don’t you enjoy the ride.”


-Riley Pink

Get Out Of Here!

Get Out Of Here MediaHow many times have you been told that it is important to “expand your horizons?” How many times have you rolled your eyes after hearing that cliché? Probably a lot. Well, as silly as it may sound, it’s actually pretty important. I recently read a quote that said “Ships are safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” While staying safely tucked inside of our comfort zone is certainly an easy option, you have to know that you are made for more than that. Venturing out and experiencing what was once unknown to you opens up so many doors and allows for more growth than you ever could imagine. Still don’t believe me? Here is my list of the Top 5 Reasons to Get out of your Comfort Zone!

  1. The experience: I think we can all agree that reading out of a textbook is the least interesting experience we could possibly have. Now imagine that instead of reading about a subject, you are out there experiencing it for yourself! Isn’t that 1,000 times better?! I definitely think so.
  2. Strength: Here at Warhawk Fitness, we are all about strength! But that strength doesn’t always have to be built in your muscles. Building your emotional and mental strength is just as, if not more important than building your physical strength. Next time you think to yourself that it would be much easier to do what you’re comfortable with, try to imagine your strength fading.
  3. You’ll Stand Out: What if you knew that doing the thing you’re afraid to do could separate you from the other candidate applying for the same job? Would you consider doing it then? People with unique experiences listed on their résumé tend to catch the attention of potential employers. The more you are able to stand out, the more marketable you will be! It’s a simple fact of life.
  4. Face your fears: Most of the time, we aren’t trying something new because we are afraid of it. I am definitely guilty of doing this. But is that any way to live life? If we let our fears control us, we will never see what is out there. If this is what’s stopping you, remember that you are stronger than your fears. They can only scare you until you overcome them.
  5. Gain confidence: Imagine doing that one thing you never thought you could do. Can you believe how proud you are? You did it! That one thing that scared you silly and forced you to stay in your safety bubble for so long actually turned out to be okay! Now picture doing anything else. The point is that you can picture it because now you can see yourself doing anything! You are more than capable, and stepping out of your comfort zone reminds you of this!

The next time an opportunity presents itself, and your first reaction is to pass it up, remember this list. Remember whichever reason stood out the most to you and run with it! Don’t limit yourself by standing still. Instead, get out of here!

|Stay motivated and don’t give up. Amazing things will happen|

Julia O’Connor