10-5-20 Meeting | Kali Linux Install and NCL Practice

-Screenshare is broken and needs to be worked on by zoom

-Kail Linux install: 

  • Download the file from drop-box (In-Slack)
  • Import Appliance
  • Find the location from the download
  • Put it to install in C: drive
  • Import should handle the rest
  • Settings: Network Adapter should have only one network adapter


  • Becoming familiar with Linux is important in cyber security
  • CTRL+ALT+T opens up the terminal
  • Windows button + Arrow keys- helps with tiling window
  • CTRL+SHIFT+”+”- makes font larger and easier to read (“-” for the opposite)
  • CTRL+L- Clear terminal
  • CTRL+C Terminates the terminal
  • PWD()-prints current directory
  • ls -l : all directories

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