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Student Org Spotlight: Dean’s Advisory Council

Name of President: Quinton Baker

Department affiliation: CoBE Interdepartmental

Meeting location and time: Biweekly on Tuesdays at 4:00pm in the Dean’s Executive Conference Room, Hyland Hall

What drives your organization?

The primary intent of the DAC is to provide a channel of communication between the student body and the Dean so that we may provide input for, discuss the issues of, and facilitate any changes in the College of Business & Economics experience. The DAC accomplishes this by communicating with CoBE’s student organizations to try to better understand the pulse of the community.

Additionally, the DAC provides a platform for student organizations to collaborate with each other as well as help each other be successful. This platform is especially beneficial to efforts like PSE’s business week which will be held early this November.

What is the best activity your organization is going to do this semester?

The DAC has had the privilege of hosting two events in the fall semester: the Dean’s State of the College Address, and Mike O’Halleran’s participation in the Leaders’ Ways and Wisdom distinguished speaker series. The DAC is also excited to discuss ways how we can help the College of Business and Economics meet our strategic objectives and help fulfill the College’s mission.

What can a member expect to learn when they are part your organization?

Dean’s Advisory Council members can expect to learn a little more about how both the college and other student organizations operate. Members will also learn just how dedicated the deans and other administrative personnel are to the success of our college.

Who would you recommend to join your organization?

Currently the Dean’s Advisory Council is only open to representatives from college-related student organizations. The DAC representatives are typically executive board members from the organization, so ask your student organization how you can become involved with the DAC.

Also, while membership is closed to student org reps, the DAC is interested in hearing from all students about anything CoBE related. Simply talk to your organization’s DAC rep or contact us at to get the conversation started.

Why should students join your organization?

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” –Mahatma Gandhi

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Associate Dean, Graduate Business Programs.
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