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Tips for Marketing the Brand Called You

“Reputation management has now become a defining feature of on-line life.” – Pew Research Center 2010

In today’s world it is important that everyone start to have a presence on-line but people need to be careful. Restricting what is shared on-line is key and may people do not take this into account. Once you post that picture to Facebook it’s there forever and you’ll never know who could end up finding it years down the road.

  • 86% of employers say candidates should make their profiles more employer-friendly.
  • 1 out of 3  employers rejected candidates based on something they found on-line.
  • Over 2000 people on LinkedIn have the same name as the FBI’s top ten most wanted list.

Market dynamics are changing. Around 89% of organizations use social media for recruitment and of those companies surveyed 86% are using LinkedIn. Get your name out there but do it cautiously.

  • Establish your on-line presence and create personalized URLs. Whether it’s an actual domain name, a Google profile, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn profile, or a combination; use the same name across platforms so that you can be recognized. (e.g. &
  • Develop original content and share it. Use WordPress or Blogger but don’t start unless you can make a commitment and keep up with it.
  • Promote your brand name and content. Include your personalized URLs and social media profiles in your e-mail signature. Use social media bookmarking sites including reddit, Digg, and Delicious.
  • Monitor your brand and engage with your audience. Review and respond to postings whenever possible. Be sure to thank people for following or joining your network.
  • Manage your brand presence. Make frequent, relevant, and consistent profile updates.

Think about it, it’s simple, you’re a brand just like any company. You are in charge of your brand and what it stands for. There is no single easy formula to creating and maintaining your brand but in reality that makes us all unique. Start formulating your brand today because its not going to create its self over night and it’s definitely not going to be easy.

Sources: Mashable & Socialnomics

Written By: Austin D. Follow him on Twitter @durhamam2

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