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Now UC Us – Jessica Hurlebaus

1. Tell us about yourself. I grew up in a small town in the country. My hometown only consisted of 900 people and was surrounded by farm land. That’s how I developed my creativity because there was not a lot… Continue Reading →

New Orleans ACUI

I didn’t have your “typical” spring break trip this year. No, I didn’t pack up a car with friends and head down to South Padre. No, I didn’t lay on the beach in 80 degree weather for a week straight…. Continue Reading →

Not #intheUC Anymore! ACUI San Antonio Conference

There is nothing quite as wonderful as getting up at 3 in the morning, driving to the airport on a cold, dreary, Wisconsin morning, and then finding yourself transported magically (or not so magically after high turbulence flights and delayed… Continue Reading →

ACUI: Take Advantage of Your Learning Opportunities

This is my fourth Association of College Unions International (ACUI) conference and I have learned and experienced endless opportunities through attending. ACUI is an organization that involves college union and student professionals from hundreds of institutions. Just recently, in the… Continue Reading →

Anonymous Artistry: The Masked Talents of UC Graphics & Marketing

By Devon Bump There is nothing better than putting time and energy into creating something out of nothing: To be able to step back and enjoy what you made and have others enjoy what you created and be informed by… Continue Reading →

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