From tuition to housing, college is everything but a cheap investment. With the inevitable dread of paying off student loans in the future, some may find themselves in a tight situation. Luckily, many brands are aware of this college student demographic, catering deals and promotions to those looking to save money. I’ve compiled a list of the best college discounts for students enrolled in an accredited college or university. In most cases, students will need access to their .edu email address to be verified for the deals, so keep it close by!


UNiDAYS is a website that offers student-specific discounts on all things clothing, food & drink, health & beauty, and more. Partnering with well-known brands such as American Eagle, UGG, Hello Fresh, Costco and more, students gain access to exclusive promotions available only to UNiDAYS members. The best part is that sign-up is completely free! Some popular promotions happening right now include:


● Adidas – 30% off sitewide
● American Eagle – 20% off sitewide
● Pacsun – 10% off sitewide
● UGG – 10% off sitewide
● Under Armor – 20% off sitewide
● Dr. Martens – 15% off sitewide

Food & Drink

● Costco – Join online and earn a $20 Costco Shop Card
● Sam’s Club – Get a $45 eGiftCard when you spend $45
● Hello Fresh – 15% off + Free Shipping on 1st box
● Uber Eats – $20 off your first order

Health & Beauty

● Quest Nutrition – 10% off sitewide
● Manscaped – 20% off + 2 free gifts + free shipping
● Tarte – 15% off sitewide
● Charlotte Tilbury – 15% off sitewide
● MAC – 10% off

How to get the discount: Sign up here and provide your .edu email for verification.

Student Beans

Similar to UNiDAYS, Student Beans is a website that allows students access to coupon codes and deals on various items. Once again, sign-up is free! Being that Student Beans is a completely different discount site, I suggest signing up for both UNiDAYS and Student Beans since they offer entirely different promotions and partner with different brands. There is little crossover between platforms when it comes to offering identical promotions, so maximize your coupon arsenal and utilize both sites. Student Beans is popular with college students through their promotional offerings with Gymshark, Redbubble, Princess Polly, Doordash and more. Popular promotions happening right now include:


● Gymshark – 10% off sitewide
● Princess Polly – Student only Mystery Sale
● Aerie – 10% off sitewide & in-store
● Crocs – 25% off sitewide
● Converse – 15% off sitewide
● Hunter – 15% off sitewide
● Happy Socks – 20% off your order

Food & Drink:

● Doordash – 25% off your first order
● Gopuff – 25% off your first order + $10 off your first two orders

Health & Beauty:

● KIND – 15% off sitewide
● MyProtein – 42% off sitewide + free shipping
● Every Man Jack – 30% off sitewide
● Glow Recipe – 15% off sitewide
● E.L.F. – 20% off sitewide


● Canva – 60 day extended trial of Canva Pro
● Redbubble – 15% off sitewide
● Apple – Save $100 on a MacBook Air or Pro with Apple Education pricing

How to get the discount: Sign up here and provide your .edu email for verification.

Amazon Prime Student

Good ol’ Jeff Bezos is looking out for us college students by providing the perks of a regular Amazon Prime membership for only $6.49/month (or $59/year annually) through the Prime Student plan. Students will have access to Amazon’s renowned fast shipping and delivery, with the added incentive of getting the first 6 months free. Whether you forgot to buy toothpaste at the store or need a padfolio for that career fair you should probably go to, the Amazon Prime Student plan has you covered.

How to get the discount: Sign up here and provide your .edu email for verification.

Spotify Student Premium (+ Hulu and Showtime)

In today’s day and age, music consumption is at an all time high. Spotify wants students to have the ability to stream their favorite jams by offering all the perks of a regular Spotify Premium membership for just $4.99/month. Spotify additionally provides a free 3 month trial before payment begins, so users can get acclimated with the platform before committing. If having access to Spotify Premium wasn’t reason enough to sign up, Spotify has partnered with Hulu and Showtime to provide access for its student users for no extra charge.

How to get the discount: Sign up here and provide your .edu email for verification.

Apple Music

Maybe you’re an Apple devotee and don’t want to pledge your allegiance to Spotify, so you look to Apple Music. Luckily, they provide their own student discount by offering Apple Music access for $4.99/month. While they unfortunately don’t offer a trial period like Spotify does, students can pay the discounted rate for up to 48 months while enrolled in a university or college.

How to get the discount: Sign in with your Apple ID here and provide your .edu email for verification.

Be a proactive student and take advantage of these discounted opportunities. While it may not seem like saving a few dollars here and there is doing much at first, you’d be surprised with how fast the savings can add up. Creating healthy financial habits now can ultimately pay off in the long run. So, do your future self a favor and sign up to get those deals!