Hello and happy spooky season! Stop by Roberta’s Art Gallery and pick up a kit to make your own mini spooky pom-pom pals, while supplies last. This kit includes three mini pom-poms and other supplies to make a pumpkin, a spider, and a ghost. If you’re reading because you’ve already picked one up, welcome!

Materials in your kit:

  • Three mini pom-pom balls, one of each in:
    • Orange
    • White
    • Black
  • Mini pipe cleaners, in:
    • Green
    • Black
  • Super glue 
  • Googly eyes
    • One bigger sized
    • Seven smaller sized

The ghost:

The ghost is the simplest out of your pom-pom palls to craft! All you need to do is superglue your googly eyes to the white pom-pom. Use two different-sized eyes, the bigger-sized googly eye in your kit is meant for the ghost.


To make your pumpkin, first, superglue on two googly eyes. After doing so, take a mini green pipe cleaner of your choosing to glue on top as the pumpkin stem. You can cut, curl, or bend your pipe cleaner to create your stem. I chose to bend mine so that it was easier to glue on!


To make the spider, you have four eyes left in your kit. You can get creative with how you want to glue the googly eyes on for this one. I wanted my spider to have three eyes, all in a simple line. Once you have your eyes glued on, it’s time for the legs of the spider! You have 8 black mini-pipe cleaners in your kit, for the option of 8 legs. Once again, I chose to have three legs on each side of my spider, using 6 mini pipe cleaners in total. You can either try to stick the pipe cleaner into the pom-pom to secure it or superglue the legs one by one. I chose to use super glue for the most secure hold. I started with gluing one bent leg at the top, one in the middle, and one towards the bottom of the pom-pom as you can see in the picture. Repeat this step on both sides of your spider pom-pom.

You now have created your three mini spooky pom-pom pals just in time for the spooky season! These make the perfect decoration and addition for Halloween.

As always, just keep crafting!