Welcome back to school, Warhawks! If you are looking for something to do in between your busy back-to-school schedule, looking to relax, or want to show off some Warhawk pride, here is a great back-to-school craft for you to do: a ribbon keychain!


  • Ribbon 
    • Preferably different colors, styles, and textures 
  • Key ring
  • Scissors

That is all you need for this craft! You can even stop by Roberta’s Art Gallery in person in between our hours of Monday-Thursday 10am-4:30pm, and Friday 10am-2pm, to pick up a Take-and-Make Ribbon Keychain kit with all the supplies you’d need for this craft (while supplies last).

Step 1:

Choose your different kinds of ribbons, and cut them to your desired length. I used around 7 different kinds of ribbon and cut them all to roughly 10 inches each. I purposely did not try to cut these perfectly, so that every piece of ribbon would not be the same exact size. 

Step 2:

Group all of your ribbons together into a pile. Once you’ve done this, loop your ribbon through your key ring. Fold the ribbon in half around the keyring so that you can then secure your ribbon to the key ring. To do that, all you need to do is take another piece of ribbon and tie it about half an inch to an inch from the top of your ribbon around the key ring. Tie this piece of ribbon a couple of times to really secure your original ribbon together, which also secures it to the keychain because of the loop.

There you have your brand new unique ribbon keychain! This would look great on a lanyard, a backpack, or wherever your heart desires! I hope you have an amazing start to your school year, and as always, just keep crafting!