Written by: Abby Daniels and Lisa Syreini

RHA’s main purpose is to represent the residents in UWW Residence Halls, bring leadership and programs to foster community, and to provide social, cultural, and intellectual development. We also review and uphold university housing policies and procedures and act as a link between administration and the residents.

We are made up of an Executive Board and our General Assembly. Our Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, Executive Assistant, Programmers, National Communications Coordinator, and Publicity and Recognition Director. Our general assembly consists of representatives from each complex’s Leadership Involvement Teams (LITs), RAs, Complex Directors and Assistant Complex Directors, Advisors, and the gallery is open to anyone else who is interested in attending our meeting.

Our Executive Board:

We meet every Wednesday at 7pm. We have an RHA Constitution that we abide by. We run our meetings based off of Parliamentary Procedure. Each meeting, minutes are recorded of what was discussed. These minutes are emailed out and updated on our website every week. Every meeting has a theme that students dress up for. Some examples are “pajama day” or “flannel day.” The Golden Artichoke Trophy is awarded to the person/group that dresses the most spirited for our meeting.

We have a budget given to us by University Housing that we allocate towards our programs, and other student organizations/events. Student organizations can approach us and request funding. They are asked to prepare a presentation and the funding request is then voted on during our meetings.

We host several programs throughout the semester. Each semester is different, but some of the programs from this semester were the Welcome Back Concert, Virtual Buddies, Fright Fest, Self Care Saturday, Warhawks of Whitewater, and Whitewater’s Got Talent. All information about programs is updated regularly on our social media and our website.

We attend several conferences every year. More information about those is located here: http://uwwrha.org/about/conferences/

We love to recognize students on campus. We have the Golden Artichoke Trophy, Snaps, “You Rock, You Rule” Awards, and Of The Month (OTM) Awards. More information, as well as the forms to nominate candidates to win, are all located here: http://uwwrha.org/recognition/

Each RHA meeting, we offer the opportunity to “give snaps” to someone who is doing a great job. There is a virtual form sent out in the beginning of the meeting that is very simple to complete. Snaps are read at the end of each meeting to recognize accomplishments that happen every week. Each RHA Meeting, we give out the “You Rock, You Rule” awards. If you know someone that has been doing a phenomenal job, you can nominate them for a “You Rock, You Rule.” You fill out this form for why they deserve one and they will be awarded with a decorated ruler or rock at the end of the RHA meeting. Of The Month (OTM) Awards are a way to recognize someone that has been doing a great job for this entire month. There are numerous categories to submit entries for such as event, student, organization, RA, advisor, bulletin board, etc. OTM winners are chosen monthly by the UWW OTM Committee. Excellent OTM submissions can be sent on to win regional and national awards.

When and Where We Meet:

  • We meet every Wednesday at 7pm. We typically meet in UC 259, but right now we meet in this virtual room: tinyurl.com/uwwrhazoom
  • We also host several programs throughout the semester, both in-person and virtual. Most of the events are hosted as either drop by programs, outdoor programs, in Webex/Zoom rooms, or across Facebook/Instagram/YouTube live.

Contact Information:

  • The main email contact is our President’s email: rhapresident@uww.edu
  • Office: 228 Goodhue Hall
  • Office phone number: (262) 472-4903

Additional Information:

  • We have a website: uwwrha.org
  • We also have a really active social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @uwwrha
  • UWWTV attends and runs a news update about our meetings every week. Those can all be found here: http://uwwrha.org/uwwtv-meeting-recap/