Looking to spice up a flour/tea towel you have laying around your house? Look no further, this craft is so simple that anyone can do it, despite their artistic ability! This craft would be the perfect gift for a friend or relative no matter the occasion, and it is so easily customizable. Let me show you how it’s done!


  • Flour/tea towel
  • Fabric paint (minimum of 1 color)
  • Potato or stamp
  • Kitchen knife
  • Paper towel/ napkins
  • Plate/container for paint

Optional Materials:

  • Cookie cutter
  • Paint brush

Step 1:

I did not have this specific kind of material towel or fabric paint so I made a quick trip to my local Walmart! For a clean slate for your crafting, you should iron or wash and dry your towels.

Step 2:

Grab your potato and cut it in half. Using a cookie cutter if you have one in the shape you want, press it into your potato half. You’ll want to press it in far enough so you then have a stamp out of your potato! I used a heart shaped cookie cutter, pressed it into the potato, and then cut off the excess areas outside of the heart to create my stamp.

  • You can also hand carve your stamp shape into the potato half! I did that with the tree stamp. 
  • If you already have stamps at home, you’d skip this step.

Step 3:

Fold your towel so that the area you’re crafting on will be the main focus. I folded mine into fourths. Before actually stamping on to the towel, make sure you line underneath the top layer of your towel with napkins to prevent the paint leaking through to the other towel layers.

Step 4:

Put the paint on your potato stamp. You can do this by just stamping your potato directly into the paint, or by applying the paint with a brush to the potato, which works better for a more even application.

Step 5:

Get stamping! Press the potato stamp on to the towel fabric in your desired design. I used my stamp a couple times before reapplying paint to create different levels of shades/fades.

Step 6:

Repeat your stamping until you’re done! Let the paint dry and really soak in for a day before using. 

This is such a quick craft that anyone can fit it into their schedule this time of year! Put your own holiday or personal twist on these towels. You can hang them on your oven, in the bathroom, or use them to clean up your kitchen messes. 

Thanks for taking the time to craft with me today. Just keep crafting!