Life as a student in the year 2020 can be pretty challenging at times.  Many vital decisions require careful planning and attention, such as: creating an awesome Tik Tok post, bingeing the latest Netflix reality show, or deciding if today is the day that I shower this week.  We get it, these are unique times, and everyone is trying to get through this together.  But in this time of isolation, remote learning, virtual meetings, and social distancing it can be difficult to feel connected to the University and the UW-Whitewater community.  It can also be difficult to stay organized with your coursework and keep informed when it comes to campus news, events, and resources.  Fortunately, the official UW-Whitewater app is the perfect tool to help you stay connected, organized, and informed no matter where you are.

The UW-Whitewater app was released a little more than a year ago with one clear goal in mind: “How can we help students succeed at UW-Whitewater?”  The idea of the app was to create a one-stop-shop to help students stay organized with their coursework, keep involved with campus events, and find quick info on-campus resources. Additionally, students are able to give feedback on the app and tailor it to their needs and preferences.

Sound good so far?  In the next few sections of this blog, we will be outlining some key features of the UW-Whitewater app and why you should download it.  Keep in mind that the beauty of the UW-Whitewater app is that it is always evolving and getting constant updates. Here’s why YOU should download the UW-Whitewater app today:

1.       Organize your course schedule and calendar.

We’ve all had the same dream: late for class, not sure where to go and when, more like a nightmare, right?  Staying organized is not easy, especially when trying to learn remotely.  The great thing about the UW-Whitewater app is that once installed, you simply log in with your Net-ID, and your course schedule is automatically uploaded to the app. This means you don’t have to scramble in the hallway to find out where your next class is!

2.       Stay informed of campus events.

Even though students are not on campus, there are still a ton of virtual events happening every week, especially in the UC!  Don’t miss a single thing with the UW-Whitewater app.  The app shows you where and when events are taking place and lets you set-up notifications to remind you later.

3.       Quick access to campus resources and services.

Need to contact financial services, the Help Desk, access WINS, or log in to Canvas?  You can find all of these resources right from the UW-Whitewater app.  There is even up-to-date information on all campus news regarding COVID-19 as well as access to the latest remote learning resources.

With the UW-Whitewater App, you have the campus in the palm of your hand! No matter where you are, you can stay connected, be informed, and keep organized at all times. 

The UW-Whitewater App is free to download in both the App Store and Google Play and you can find additional information on the app on the Mobile Apps page of the ICIT website. 

As we continue to move forward in these strange and uncertain times, it is more important than ever to remain connected as a community.  We understand that many students may be struggling through this new reality, however, we are going to push through this together, as Warhawks.  Take advantage of every resource you can, reach out for help when you need it, and always remember that you are part of something special here at UW-Whitewater.     

We hope you are now convinced as to why you need the UW-Whitewater App. With that said please, wash those sweatpants, turn off the Tiger King rewatch, and reconnect to the UW-Whitewater community with the official UW-Whitewater App, download today!