As the UC Building and Grounds Supervisor, what does an average day look like working in the UC?  What are your day to day responsibilities?

I arrive before 5:00 am every morning.  I walk through the UC checking in with the custodians, doing a building check for safety, security, and building functions.  I return to my office to check work order requests and get them out to the staff. 

At 7:00 am I go to Esker to have a morning meeting with the mechanics.  I let them know of anything that needs urgent attention, updates on current and future things that affect them, give them the opportunity to let me know their plans for the day and see how I can assist them.

I return to my office to order supplies for dining and maintenance, and field questions & concerns about the UC and Dining Services in regards to maintenance and custodial issues.  I strive to complete these requests in a timely manner. 

While attending to all of the above, I may be attending planning and construction meetings on various projects occurring in the UC and Dining Services as well.  These meetings could be just showing electricians where I want services installed to all out-remodeling projects.  I coordinate all of the pieces that affect our concerns for space, staff, and students to keep any interruptions of services to a minimum.

What does being a UC employee mean to you?

The UC has always been a family rather than just where I work.  That’s a uniqueness you will not find in many places.  I love the fact that we take on tasks head on, rather than waiting to see what other areas will do. 

What has been the most memorable/unusual day working in the UC? 

The most unusual day was doing a morning building check at Drumlin, and finding a student sleeping in a lounge area.  When I woke her up she was disorientated and had no ID on her so she could not access her room.  I stayed with her while we waited for campus police to arrive.  Once campus police arrived her identity was confirmed and they were able to get her back to her dorm.   Not something you see and deal with so early in the morning.

What is one piece of advice you can give to current UW-W students?

Remember that you are here for your education.  This goes beyond your class work.  It’s also learning how to work with the staff and students in your work areas as a team.  Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.  Even if you make a mistake, you still learned and grew.  I also encourage students to take charge of a project.  It’s amazing how skills you learn doing one task can transfer into another.  You’ll find this to be true no matter what field you’re working in. 

What is an accomplishment that you are most proud of?

There are so many projects I could state.  From the Drumlin Dining Hall remodeling to the UC window replacement project. But the accomplishment I am the most proud of is the students.  I have a habit of thanking students by volunteering them for certain tasks or committees.  At first, it’s a puzzled look of ‘ok’ that I receive, but after I explain the task, they get excited about it.  It’s not that I’m being mean, but rather an “I see in you” opportunity to see them grow.

What is your favorite item in your office/desk?  Is there a story behind it?

Sirius radio!!  I love having music playing in the background as I take on the day.