When you live in Wisconsin, you have to take advantage of the nice weather when it comes around. Summer is the perfect time for anyone to let loose and enjoy the above 60-degree weather with family and friends. Many don’t know how to make the most out of their summer as they get older because they are focused on working every day of the week. If you’re in the same boat, don’t look any further because this blog will help you enjoy summer the best way possible.


  • Realize the benefits

Summer is the perfect time to get together with friends and family. The ones that are close to you know how to help you let loose and relax during your days off. During this time of year, many people are focused on work but with help from the people who love you most, you will have the best summer ever. Whether it’s attending a wedding or just planning to hang out, it will be a great time to be proactive about having fun. Ditch the TV and put social media away to have one of the best summers that you could ask for.


  • Schedule to do things, but also be spontaneous

When scheduling to do things during summer, it is important to schedule ahead of time for bigger events. This helps ensure that the events will be happening with the friends you scheduled them with. Some big events would include sporting events, concerts, and road trips. Friends or family who are attending these events will be able to take off of work and put money aside for it if they know about it ahead of time. Smaller events can be more spontaneous when it comes to planning events with family or friends. These events would include going to get ice cream, a trip to the beach, or even just meeting up with friends at a person’s house. I have a group chat with a group of friends that I work with and we try to plan to hang out once a week outside of work. It helps us relax after a long day of work and it brought us closer together and created a friendship that makes going to work actually fun. Be spontaneous when you plan things, it will bring some more joy into your time off in summer.


  • Learn a new skill

Take time to learn a new skill this summer. Keep your mind active and be open to trying new things that your friend likes to do because it could lead to a new hobby that you enjoy. For example, last summer, my friend asked me if I wanted to go kayaking since I had never been and it was one of the most enjoyable activities that I ever did. I’ve always been an outdoorsy person when it comes to activities to do during the summer, but I never had a kayak to try this activity before. It took me a while to get into the swing of things and move the kayak straight but after that, I didn’t want to stop. We only had a chance to go out twice last summer, but after that experience, I want to make more time for it this summer. It is such a relaxing experience that makes you feel like there isn’t another care in the world. I highly recommend finding a new skill this summer because it could turn into something you really enjoy.


  • Go Camping

Nothing is better than a weekend in the great outdoors. Camping is a great way to put everything that is causing you to stress aside. The smell of marshmallows roasting over a campfire is the best smell during the summer. Some people get excited just knowing that summer is around the corner and they can make a s’more over the fire. It’s a nice little treat after a long day. Camping is also a great time to go hiking and find a perfect spot for a hammock. For anyone that enjoys the outdoors, finding a trail to hike is a great way to get unplugged and relax for a weekend. Most people get so caught up in their work lives that they don’t take a step back to relax. My friend and I took a trip up north for a weekend and it was such an amazing experience to get away from everything and just take some time for ourselves. There wasn’t much cellphone service where we were, which was a great way to unplug from technology and just enjoy everything that was around us.


Summer is a great way to relax and enjoy the warm weather. Take this time to do what you want to do and make the most out of it. The only person stopping you from doing what you want to do during summer is you, so don’t let anything get in your way. I hope these four tips will help you make the most out of your summer!