On these snowy days, we are always looking for something fun to do other than sit on the couch. Well, here is the perfect afternoon activity: building the perfect snowman! Grab your friends and go play in the snow together!

Step 1:

Find a nice open space that has plenty of snow. You’ll need an area that allows you to gather a lot of snow for your three snowman sections. Now it’s time to start packing. Take a handful of snow and start shaping it into a ball. Continue packing until it’s as big as possible.

Step 2:

Take the ball you just made and start rolling it through the snow. Depending on the size of your snowman, this ball could get really big. Just be sure that when you have gotten it to the desired size, you end rolling in the place you want your snowman!

Step 3:

Repeat steps 1 & 2, but this time make sure the second ball is a bit smaller than the first and the third ball is the smallest. These two snowballs will act as the middle and head of your snowman!

Step 4:

Now that you have all three snowman sections created, you’re ready to stack them. Place them with the largest ball on the bottom and the smallest ball on top!

Stacking the snowman is not your only option! You could lay them side by side to have a snowman that is laying down. You could also make more or less snowballs to make your snowman taller or shorter! You could make your snowman upside down or even make shapes that aren’t in circles!

Step 5:

Now for the fun part: accessories! You can be as creative as you would like with this part of the snowman! A few optional accessory ideas are a carrot nose, a top hat, scarf, and stick arms!

A few other accessory ideas are using snow dye to give your snowman some color, sculpt the snow to look like one of your favorite TV/movie characters, give your snowman clothes, hair, or a candy face!

Now that you know how to make the perfect snowman, grab your boots and go have fun!