Too often do I hear students complain about the lack of things that they could do with their time on campus and in Whitewater as a whole. While I could probably write an entire essay about what you can do in the University Center, let alone the rest of campus, I am going to focus on what is probably the most fun place on campus. That place is Warhawk Alley!


Daily Deals

While it would be super stellar if bowling and billiards were free every day, unfortunately there are small fees associated with bowling and billiards. Don’t you worry though! Almost every day there is some sort of deal or special going on.  If you come in sometime between Tuesday-Thursday, you can enjoy Dollar Days in Warhawk Alley. On these days, you just have to pay $1 per game of bowling and shoes, as well as $2 per hour for billiards. On Fridays and Saturdays, Warhawk Alley offers a Glow Bowl special where you can bowl 3 games and get shoes for just $7! And last but not least, on Sundays for just $4 you can bowl as many games as you want, and for just $2 you can play pool for as long as you want! Oh, and don’t forget about free video games! Now, doesn’t that sound like an insane amount of fun?


Trivia, Tournaments, Leagues and More

If you want to test your skills and win some awesome prizes, check out Warhawk Alley’s various events that happen weekly at the alley. The first Monday of each month, you can check out Trivia Night in the Down Under. You and three others can test your knowledge on various themes. If trivia isn’t your thing, check out our bi-weekly tournaments. Tournaments include anything from video games to bowling, and you can win some sweet prizes if you’ve got what it takes! On top of all of those cool things, you can take part in our student leagues! Once a week, you and a partner can bowl against other students to prove that you’re the best bowler on campus. Do you have what it takes?


Don’t Pass on the Pass

If this all sounds like something you would be taking advantage of regularly, think about purchasing a pass to Warhawk Alley. For just $100, you can get unlimited access to everything Warhawk Alley has to offer for the whole school year. Do you only want to play pool? That’s fine! You can get the billiards pass for just $70! These passes will save you more money if you plan on being a regular at the alley.


So next time you and your friends are bored on a Friday night, come on down to the Warhawk Alley and enjoy all of the amazing games that we have to offer!