1. Tell us about yourself.

I grew up in a small town in the country. My hometown only consisted of 900 people and was surrounded by farm land. That’s how I developed my creativity because there was not a lot to do in our little town. We had to get creative on how to entertain ourselves.


2. Tell us a little bit about your department. 

I started my position here as a Graphic Designer in the Spring of 2016. As a Graphic Designer I create promotional materials/graphics that get put up all around campus and social media to help get the word out about all the events that happen here in the UC.


3. What are your goals for the future?

One of my bigger goals for the future is to become a college professor in the Graphic Design field. I love helping people and have always wanted to teach.


4. Talk a little about your passions and what motivates you.

One of my passions is painting. When I have no homework to do, or nowhere to be, I love to break out my paints and relax. Seeing customers have a positive reaction to some of the promotional materials that I created is what motivates me in creating outstanding designs.


5. What does an average workday look like working in the UC?

An average workday consists of me sitting on a computer working in Adobe Illustrator creating the promotional graphics. If I’m not at my desk, then I am printing, cutting, or delivering materials.


6. How do you balance school, work, extracurricular activities and social life?

MY PLANNER! I have two part-time jobs, a couple freelance projects that I have to manage, full-time student, and planning my wedding. If I didn’t have my planner, then I would forget so many things.


7. What are some of your most memorable moments working in the UC?

One of the most memorable moments working here would be going to ACUI. I love to travel and got a lot of professional experience along the way. I also got to know a few people that I would have never connected with if I didn’t have this opportunity.


8. Explain a little about the connections you have made working in the UC.

I have meet so many different people and developed a lot of different friendships throughout my time here at the UC.


9. Five Favorites:

Favorite movie:


Favorite musical artist:


Favorite location in Whitewater:


Favorite food:


Favorite travel destination:



10. How will the position you have in the UC help you in your future career?

This position in the UC has given me a lot of real world experience working in an in-house marketing agency. I’ve developed communication skills by working directly with clients to create the best product and pushing me to become a better designer.