When searching for my senior year off-campus apartment last fall, my roommates and I were uncertain if we wanted to live downtown or close to campus. Both presented strengths and weaknesses, but we couldn’t decide on which location was more suitable for our needs.

One cold October weekend, my friends and I decided to stay in and have a “Friends” marathon. During one of the episodes, we thought it was odd how nobody hangs out at a coffee shop. A few minutes later, I could see the spark light up in my friend’s eyes. “We should live above The SweetSpot downtown! Then whenever friends come over, we can go downstairs and have an excuse to get SweetSpot.”

The following week, my roommates and I signed a year lease to live above the downtown SweetSpot for the 2017-2018 school year. Now, you may have a few questions for me like….

“Does your apartment always smell like coffee and pastries?”

  • No, I wish it did though!

“How often do you get food/coffee from there?”

  • After long discussions with my bank account, we compromised that I am allowed to get coffee there Friday and Saturday mornings.  However, I do get one wildcard day (usually spent Sunday mornings).

Are they loud in the morning?”

  • Honestly, I can’t hear them in the mornings. But at night when they begin closing from 8-9pm I can hear them bumping to some Justin Bieber, T-Swift, Backstreet Boys, and some other throwbacks. I am usually doing homework during that time, but I do occasionally sing along to their catchy tunes.

How often do you study there?”

  • Only about once a week. I usually go there Sundays so I am not glued to the TV watching my fantasy football teams.

“What is your favorite meal there?”

  • On days that I have a track or cross country meet, I get their blueberry oatmeal and hazelnut iced coffee. Their doughnuts are really good too!
Hazelnut Coffee and Oatmeal

Hazelnut Coffee and Blueberry Oatmeal

“What is the best part about living above the SweetSpot?”

  • Besides the food and drinks, it is oddly the snap filter. Some of my Snapchat friends probably think I am studying 24/7 since I am always at the SweetSpot, but I am really just watching the latest Netflix series (S/O @ Stranger Things season 2).

With the semester in full swing and autumn filling the air, I am excited to spend some quality time in The SweetSpot with a warm cup of coffee studying for my graduate classes.  If you see me in The SweetSpot, feel free to say hi! I’ll probably be wishing that the entire Friends gang was there.

Also, congratulations to The SweetSpot for being recognized as the 2017 Friend of Whitewater Kids Award. Thank you for your contributions to the community and continuing to help support the schools, families, children, and students of Whitewater!