1. Tell us about yourself.
    • My name is Allie Johnson, I am a senior with a double major in Graphic Design and Advertising. I chose Whitewater because I really liked the art department and the small town feel the campus had. I am so glad that I chose this school, I will be sad to leave this year.
  2. Tell us a little bit about your department. (Position, what they do, when did you start working in the UC)
    • I started working in the UC my sophomore year. I am a Graphic Designer in the Graphics and Marketing department. In our department we make various promotional materials for UC events. This department, much like most of the UC, is filled with great people to work with which makes my day much more enjoyable.
  3. What are your goals for the future?
    • I would love to work in an advertising agency as an art director someday.
  4. Talk a little about your passions and what motivates you.
    • I am motivated by my creative drive and constant love for design. I have always loved art and drawing in my spare time, so finding a career related to this hobby would be a dream come true.
  5. What does an average workday look like working in the UC?
    • Designing things or reformatting documents with Adobe suite programs. Running posters to the Media Lab for lamination, cutting out large prints, & checking emails and Trello (project management website).
  6. How do you balance school, work, extracurricular activities and social life?
    • It helps to get involved in the right things, if you’re involved in things that help you and make your college experience better it’s always a good week.
  7. What are some of your most memorable moments working in the UC?
    • Some things that have been really cool about working here have been seeing my designs all over campus and getting a poster I designed signed by T-Pain.
  8. Explain a little about the connections you have made working in the UC.
    • This job has led to lots of freelance work. For example, the owner of the local restaurant, Casual Joes, contacted me to do some chalk art for his restaurant after seeing the UC chalk art I had made for Info Services. Connections for freelance work has led me to new opportunities to strengthen my skills and portfolio.
  9. Five Favorites:
    • Favorite movie: I could watch The Grinch year round.
    • Favorite musical artist: Thomas Rhett
    • Favorite location in Whitewater: I like to jog by the pond downtown, that’s the best way to wind down and destress if it’s nice enough outside.
    • Favorite food: Fish, I really like any kind of seafood.
    • Favorite travel destination: Lake of the Ozarks Missouri, it’s not glamorous by any means but I used to go here as a kid with my extended family every summer for 18 years and those are some of the best memories I have.
  10. How will the position you have in the UC help you in your future career?
    • Immensely. This job has opened up so many doors for me, including opportunities for freelance work, lots of contributions to my portfolio, resume builders, social connections, just overall work ethic and continual practice at my trade as a designer.