Don’t miss the Harry Potter-a-thon this week in the UC! All 8 movies will be played between Wednesday and Saturday!  Show times are at 6 and 9PM and doors will open at 5PM.

Wednesday: The Sorcerer’s Stone & The Chamber of Secrets
Thursday: The Prisoner of Azkaban & The Goblet of Fire
Friday:The Order of the Phoenix & The Half Blood Prince
Saturday: The Deathly Hallows, Part 1 & Part 2


The Order of Snitches and Witches will host a costume contest each night and prizes will be awarded! Admission for each movie is $1.





Roberta’s  Art Gallery

This Wednesday, Roberta’s Art Gallery is hosting a Pastel Workshop.  This event starts at 5PM in UC275A.  It will be facilitated by the Wisconsin Pastel Artists.  Come learn different pastel techniques and create a masterpiece of your own! This workshop is FREE and all supplies will be included.  Spots are limited so RSVP at ucart@uww.edu to guarantee your spot.







Roberta’s Art Gallery

This Wednesday the Passport to Asia Exhibit starts.  Discover various countries in Asia represented through our own UWW student experiences!  The exhibit reception is on April 4 from 3:30-5PM.  Light refreshments will also be provided!