This blog post shares some of the many reasons why students chose to attend the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater!

Alec Meixelsperger:  While looking for a college, I was unsure where I wanted to go to school, let alone my major. I knew I wanted to go somewhere where I could compete in athletics, have a quality education, and embark on my own path on a campus where not many kids from my high school went to college. With having my parents both earning their undergraduate degrees from Whitewater, I thought I would give it a try and go for a campus tour. One of the things that caught my eye was the interactions people had with one another. It was truly unique and I felt right at home. After being on campus for 7 semesters, every day is different and I haven’t regretted my decision one bit.

Tina Gaggioli:  Picking what college to attend is not any easy task. I was debating between several different universities. It came down to what opportunities each school could provide for me. I knew I wanted to study Marketing and Graphic Design. Because Whitewater’s business school is so well respected, that played a major role in my decision. I also really like the size. It is not a massive school where you are competing with all of your peers to get into what college you want. However, it is still large enough that I am interacting with new people each semester.  The size of UW-Whitewater has also helped me with work related opportunities. I was able to land a Marketing position at the University Center as well as an internship at a local restaurant downtown. Choosing the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater has been the best decision I have ever made.

Joshua Barrow:  Coming all the way from California, I knew I wanted to go to school in the Midwest somewhere. Throughout going on countless tours of schools to see which one had a great business program, a little bird (family member) told me about Whitewater and figured I’d check it out. This place felt exactly like how I wanted it to feel. It was a very “home” like school and I do not regret moving to the Midwest one bit. Home sweet home. Besides the winters.

Cynthia Lor:  Though I had never toured Whitewater prior to accepting, I have chosen this university because I knew it was the one. First, my favorite color is purple. It is not just the color, though. I love a school that has spirit. This campus is proud and has strong school spirit, which is one of the things I love about Whitewater. Secondly, I knew that this campus had a great business school. It is a mixture of my hometown– big city opportunities, small town vibes. This business school is big enough that you have connections almost anywhere and small enough to have personal relationships with your professors, classmates, and advisors. It’s the best of both worlds. Lastly, I’ve followed my heart. This university is close to both homes I have. I love being surrounded by family and this university’s location is perfect for me.

Natalia Hernandez:  I chose to come to UW-Whitewater because no other university really caught my attention. I applied to Whitewater about a month before school started and it just felt right, no other reason. My intuition told me this was the place for me. I had never been to the campus or even really heard anything about it until I actually started school here. I am so glad to have chosen Whitewater.

Kyle Forster:  I chose UW-Whitewater because I originally wanted to major in Information Technology and the business school here has a good reputation. I’m a Public Relations major now, but the fact that UW-Whitewater is close to home and I can avoid insurmountable student loans are big perks for me.