Ends of semesters always seem to be quite bittersweet here in the UC. We’re happy to celebrate the accomplishments of another semester, but we’re sad to see the student employees who will be graduating/moving on to other accomplishments leave. We know they’ll always be part of our UC family, though, so before they left, we asked for a few parting words of wisdom.

Amanda Davis
Working at the University Center has been such a great experience. It has provided me with a community and many opportunities that are not available at other jobs. Also, attending ACUI is a great opportunity that everyone should apply for. I learned a lot from the two conferences that I attended and would recommend it for all student employees.


Kayla Engmann, Roberta’s Art Gallery
I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work at the UC for the majority of my college career. I will cherish the memories and friendships made in my future endeavors.






Jordan Holthaus, Building Manager
I really enjoyed being able to work as a Building Manager in the UC. It made it possible for me to connect and network with many individuals. I will definitely miss working in such a great place.





Dylan Kersten, Warhawk Alley
Working in the UC has had a tremendous impact on both my personal and professional development. Thanks to the UC and the departments located within it, I am leaving college with an optimistic outlook for the future.





Kylie Muehlbauer, UC Admin and HawkCard Office
In the two and a half years I worked at the  University Center, I had the opportunity to work in three departments: UC Finance, HawkCard, and Information Services.  While working in each of the departments I learned so many things, including how vital it is for departments to communicate with each other to keep the University Center functioning. The UC became my second home and second family. I am so thankful for everybody that I met and had the pleasure of working with. I am going to miss working in the UC.




Alicia Reisen, HawkCard Office
My time working at the UC allowed me to gain experience working with a diverse group individuals in a professional environment. I have made some great relationships and am better prepared for my future as a teacher.





Silvia Reyes, Roberta’s Art Gallery
Working in the UC has made my experience of studying abroad even better, and in Roberta’s Art Gallery I found my family away from home!






Ilona Tkach, LEAP Intern
Each and every day is unique #intheUC.  I have learned, it is the people who you share experiences with that make memories exceptional.  My only wish is to have applied sooner to become a part of the UC family!  Thanks to everyone who made my last semester at UW-Whitewater magnificent.





We also congratulate and thank our leaving employees who were unable to submit a quote: Matthew Stingel, Tech Crew and Thomas Zimmer, Student Porter. Thank you student employees for all you do! We are grateful for your contributions to the University Center!