What students say.

“David Reinhart is an awesome instructor. He truly cares about his students and their ability to get the work done in a short amount of time. He is very good at challenging perspectives and viewpoints.”

“There was no pressure from him and that helped me to like school again.”

“Thank you! I’m incredibly glad I signed up for this class. I’ve told some friends that they should sign up for this class if they see it come around again. This should be a mandatory class at UW-W right along with ethics.”

“Yes! He was really interesting to listen to and very empathetic. He knows the material extremely well and is incredibly well-read on the subject.”

“The reading material selection was absolutely amazing! This course was worth it alone just for the reading list which was phenomenal and eye-opening. The discussion of the film “Shoah” was great.”

“This course did a great job of offering alternative perspectives that I have never experienced.”

“Professor Reinhart did a wonderful job of challenging my thinking. He was so inquisitive and philosophical, it really made you think deeper about what you were learning.”

“To posit the transcendent as stranger and poor one is to prohibit the metaphysical relation with God from being accomplished in the ignorance of men and things. The dimension of the divine opens forth from the human face.”

–Emmanuel Levinas, Totality and Infinity


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