Jerk bait Fishing

Jerk Bait 101

One of my absolute favorite ways to catch fish while casting is with a jerk bait. Jerk baits come in many different shapes and sizes ranging from an inch all the way to a foot long. I started using jerk baits about six years ago and fell in love with this lure. Jerk baits can be fished throughout most times of the year and prove to be a consistent fish catcher. This versatile lure allows you to fish it in most situations. My favorite brand when it comes to jerk bait fishing is the Mega Bass Vision 110. This Japanese made lure simply catches fish. I started using this lure about three years ago while fishing a college bass master’s tournament down in Missouri Lake of the Ozarks, taking home a second place trophy with it.


I primarily use this lure when bass fishing, although this lure has proven to be deadly on just about every fish that come across it. I have caught many species including walleye, pike, crappie, and musky on this lure. When fishing jerk bait there are many different ways to work it. The most common way to fish a jerk bait consists of a jerk, jerk pause presentation. This lure can be highly productive during the pre-spawn or cold water conditions when bass tend to be more lethargic. It’s common to here an angler say “it’s a reaction bite today” meanings the fish aren’t necessarily eating the bait out of hunger but rather anger. Another effective way to fish jerk bait is by using a stop and go technique. This system allows you to pick up fish that may be acting a bit more finicky.


Typically when bass get lazy they won’t move much to eat a lure. Jerk bait’s can play a large role here in which the slow tantalizing pauses seem to trigger neutral fish. Jerk baits seem to have an action you can’t compare to any other lure. When fishing a jerk bait I like to use a spinning rod, typically a St. Croix 7′. I will rig this rod with a 2500 size Shimano Sahara reel.  When it comes to the line I will run anywhere from eight to ten-pound line, depending on the water I am fishing. It is important to have a rod that can softly absorb the rips when jerking a jerk bait. Today, I will rarely leave the water without grabbing my jerk bait box ahead of time. Be sure to pick up a few jerk baits next time you’re at the store and hold on!