Hello marks and casual fans alike,

My name is Lucas Seidel and I am a “born-again” professional wrestling fan. What I mean by this is: I watched WWE between 2005 and 2007 while I was a preteen, more or less falling off as my interests shifted to other things and as peer pressure made me think pro wrestling was something to be ashamed of. I decided to begin watching WWE again at the tail end of 2015 out of a sheer curiosity on what had changed since I last watched regularly and I was immediately hooked once more.

A large part of my reinvigorated interest in “Sports Entertainment” was due to the entirely new dimension of intrigue that social media and the internet as a whole introduced during my hiatus. In that 8-year gap between 2007 and last year, kayfabe has never been more dead, and the industry as a whole has never been more interesting in my opinion. What was once insider-only knowledge is now common knowledge among the hardcore wrestling fans and, in turn pro wrestling has become something of a game of chess between the writers and the fans as both sides try and figure out what the other is doing. It is this ongoing discussion about where pro-wrestling is heading that was the impetus for the creation of this blog.

Being that I am a college student and thus barely have time to watch all of WWE’s weekly programming, this specific blog will focus largely on comparing WWE’s Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live. As I realize this discussion is not an entirely unique one since the reemergence of Raw and Smackdown as separate brands in mid-2016, my blog will focus on grading the individual segments of each show, aggregating these scores, and deciding a winner between the two shows every week (hence the title of this blog).

I hope that despite the crowded discussion this blog exists in, my voice will still be heard, inspire discussion, and at the very least allow me an have an outlet for my constant stream of thoughts regarding the industry I both love and hate.



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