Hello world!

Request a blog through blogs.uww.edu and create a list in this Word document to explain how you will meet the criteria listed below for your blog (50% of the assignment grade). Be sure your blog is public and you have the correct domain listed.

Next, write a sports column focusing on the three E’s (entertain, educate, editorialize) that fits within the genre of your blog (50% of the grade). The column should be about a sporting event that occurred within the previous 24 hours before you posted your column to the blog. Be sure to include a lead, body and conclusion. Review important elements of a column such as analysis, depth and insight to ensure you are writing a quality, well-rounded column. There are no requirements for primary sources, secondary sources nor quotes for this assignment, however, they are strongly encouraged to help you attain a passing grade. Post your column to your blog and also copy the text below in this Word document to upload to the D2L folder. Due 3/15