There are many, many resources available in the documents section of portal for your viewing pleasure.  This is some supplemental information for you as well.  If you have a resource to add, don’t be shy. Email them to and we will make them available to the rest of the RA staff.

Academic Resource– LASSI is an acronym for the Learning and Study Strategy Index to help you assess the needs of residents that may be struggling academically.  There are many reasons residents struggle, yet they may not always be aware of the primary issues.

Community Development is a loaded term.  There are passive and active ways to build a community and we are providing information to help you learn more about how to develop your community. Check out our pintrest page as well for some visual ideas for bulletin boards and other ideas.

Professional Staff members have different perspectives and different backgrounds to potentially assist you in your role as a Resident Assistant. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the different professional staff and ask them about their path in their careers.  They are willing and able to help any questions you may have about your RA role in case you wanted a new perspective or just need to talk.