Welcome to day three dear reader.

If you’re still here with me, you have noticed I am not posting everyday. While this blog is about daily challenges, I will not be posting every single day. So hold tight the days are coming, I promise. 

Day three is about wood. In order to take on this challenge, I decided to travel outside of Whitewater, back to my hometown Milwaukee. Milwaukee has many amazing parks including one of my favorites, Seven Bridges. This park has always help a special place in my heart. Not only is this a place to go to walk around and experience nature, it also makes beautiful backdrops for photographs. This is the park I started my photography career in and its also the place I took my senior portraits in high school. 

Seven Bridges is known as being a haunted park, many conspiracy theories have popped up around it. Which is part of the image I captured. This image shows the entrance into the park which kind of plays into these theories of the woods being haunted. 

In terms of editing this picture, it didn’t require much. I increased the brightness and contrast in order to really make the changing leaves pop. My favorite part of October is when the leaves start to change and you really gather the feeling of the Fall season. Which is the entire point of the October challenge. Experiencing Fall and seeing how the world is changing around us in these changing seasons. 

Now, I’m not a big outdoors person and you definitely won’t find me going on a hike anytime soon, but I have a challenge for you. Take an image of the same tree for the rest of the month, put it together in a horizontal collage and see how the season is effecting your surroundings.