Good morning dear reader!

It is day two of our challenge, one word, very simple, morning! Now to be completely transparent I had big plans for this challenge, maybe a sunrise, or something outside reflecting what the morning is like in Whitewater. However, I am not even close to what you would consider a morning person. I snooze my alarm about 5 times each morning and if I’m lucky I manage to get up and ready in time for class. But the one thing that is always constant in my mornings, is coffee. 

Let me tell you, doing this challenge without a photo assistant has been harder than expected. I have an “old fashioned” coffee maker, not one of the single serve Keurigs. I made the switch last year for two reasons. First, my Keurig broke and I needed something new anyways and second, it is better for the environment since k-cups are not biodegradable. But I am not here to preach to you about saving the planet. 

For this image I held my cup up to the machine in order to get the effect of that first drop of coffee pouring into your cup first thing in the morning. I also wanted to make the focus my cup which reads “I literally can’t” which, lets be honest, is my mood most mornings. The editing helped to make the cup the focus by making the background black and white. 

So, my dear readers, what is a moment in your mornings that deserves recognizing? What is something your morning wouldn’t be complete without? Let me know!