In My Hand

For October day one, the challenge was “in my hand.” For most people, the thing that is in your hand the most would be your phone. While it is more of an easier route to take, I do admit, it is also the most relatable. Living in a studio apartment, I spend majority of my down time sitting on my phone. While this isn’t the healthiest reality to live, it is my reality at the moment. In fact, I’m sure majority of you live your lives the exact same way. Not to say that this is a bad thing, because lets face it, it is the reality that we are all living in. If we aren’t spending time on our phones, we are binge watching some Netflix series, or sitting on our laptops.

For this challenges, and the challenges yet to come, I want to focus on advancing my editing skills. I want to be able to really tell a story with my images. While my editing is still a work in progress, I am following different tutorials to be able to constantly learn something new in Photoshop.

I edited the original image to portray the fact that we are all connected to our phones. A 24/7 grip on the social universe. This kind of attachment to this “universe” isn’t necessarily a healthy thing. In fact being so attentive to social media can lead to a lot of unhealthy habits. Eating disorders, social anxiety, and those are just two. As part of this blog and these challenges, I am taking a step back from my phone. Not only will this give me the ability to create my own pieces without outside influence, it will also give me the freedom to look around and see what others might not in ordinary circumstances.

Leave me comments and let me know what you did for your day one challenge! What is in your hand at this very moment?