Hello reader!

My name is Sam, I am a graduating senior at University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. I have a major in journalism emphasis in advertising and a minor in studio art emphasis in graphic design. Other than the basics of my education, I am 22 years old and I own a three-year-old black lab named Tucker.

So why am I doing this blog?

Throughout high school, I fell in love with photography and art. Coming to college has not necessarily put my artwork to the side, but I have lost all sense of why I fell in love with doing it in the first place.

Through completing this blog my hope is to once again find why I love creating art so much. I will be completing monthly photo challenges that I have located on Pinterest (you can find these in the pages section of this blog) in order to open the creative floodgates. For anyone who is also questioning their love for art, or for anyone wanting to give it a try, I urge you to complete these challenges along side me. Share your work. Get your friends involved. As a great teacher once told me….

“Go be weird”

– Kelly Wendel