My Digital Self

My habits with getting news on the web mainly revolve around social media. I use X, formerly known as Twitter, daily to keep up with sports news as well as more standard areas of news. I follow a lot of sports writers, particularly ones who focus on the Wisconsin Badgers and Green Bay Packers. I myself post quite a lot about UW-Whitewater sports, I follow a handful of other people who are on the Warhawk athletics and Division III sports beats. Outside of sports I follow primarily large news outlets like The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post and the BBC. I like to follow these news outlets for the purpose of keeping up mainly with American politics, economy and other issues of public concern like doors flying off airplanes. I also try to pay attention to international politics and conflicts such as what is happening in Gaza and Ukraine. I like to monitor sports stories fairly closely, like the Packers beginning a search for a new defensive coordinator. Outside of sports I like to follow election stories in the US. The state level is probably where I give the least attention, I really only look at politics and weather. On the local level I pay attention to weather, politics, crime and general happenings. To pay attention to the news in my hometown of Madison I use Channel 3000 and NBC 15 the most. 

When I go online to look at news sites I like to use CNN and CBS the most. I find these to be trustworthy sources which cover the things I am interested in, with the exception of sports. I don’t even feel like I need to fact check those sources. I like to go to ESPN and the D3 Sports websites in order to follow the sports I care about most. One website that I really like, which is a blog but is the leading source in its field, is Uni Watch. The website follows sports uniform news, it’s a kind of niche topic which I find really interesting. I think the first time I found the site came from using Google to search for news about a team’s uniform change. I like to use Google when looking for something specific that I don’t know exactly where to look on my own. When I look for news I like to read text, but mostly I watch news videos and sometimes I’ll listen to a podcast. I like watching videos because they’re easy to consume, although looking through headlines on Twitter is another way I do that. Though I don’t see them often, I think that interactive graphics are really great ways to share information in the news. I think interactive media are really awesome, despite that I rarely comment on things. Sometimes I reply to stories on Twitter but not unless it is about sports. The main contributions I have made to the news is for the Royal Purple. Thanks to my work there I have been able to gain a little bit of following in the Division III athletics community.

Hello world!

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