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  • The Importance of Privacy

    Privacy was discussed in the article and it is also something that is an extremely important topic today. Many people think that their privacy has been violated by stuff such as companies like Facebook, which can make people feel uncomfortable. I think that privacy is extremely important and we need to hold these companies accountable […]

  • What does this incident show about modern-day society?

    I think that there are a lot of lessons to learn from what happened with the woman on the train. I think it also shows something important about modern-day society. Now that most people have smartphones with cameras, incidents like these are able to be easily recorded and shared online, which can result in a […]

  • Was the Response to the Incident Justified?

    As I mentioned in my last blog post, people on the Internet were furious about this, and showed no mercy to what they perceived as something absolutely wrong. The article we read in class, brings up a great question as to if the response was justified, or if people went too far in this. I […]

  • The Reaction to the Woman on the Train

    In my previous post, I talked about the story of the woman on the train. When this story because popular, the response was extremely negative as expected. The story became very big on the Internet, and it got so bad to the point where the woman had to drop out of her university. People took […]

  • The Woman on the Train

    One of the many new things I learned this week was the incident of the woman on the train, who refused to clean up after her dog. I had not previously heard of this story before, and when I read it, I was pretty disappointed that she decided not to clean up after her dog. […]

  • China

    China is also talked about quite extensively in “In the Age of AI”. Towards the end of the video, it is mentioned how XI Jinping changed the constitution in China in order so he could become president for life. The video also had one interviewee mention how China is on its way to become a […]

  • Surveillance

    Surveillance is a topic that is brought up in “In the Age of AI”. It is a very interesting topic as it can become concerning seeing how some countries like China implement this technology. The video talked about re-education camps and talked about what it was like to be in there, which was very sad […]

  • How Emotions can change how People spend

    In “The Illusionists”, one section of the video talked about how people can spend more money on themselves, if they are feeling sad. It was interesting reading about this since this seems like something advertisers could use as a way to make more profit. Even though I was not aware of this concept before I […]

  • How Advertising influences how People view themselves

    One of the videos we watched called, “The Illusionists”, talked about how advertising can have a negative affect on the way people view themselves. I had never thought about this too much previously, and was extremely surprised as to how much of an impact it had on people. I never realized that advertising could have […]

  • Collecting Users’ Data

    “In the Age of AI” had a very important section that talked about how users’ data would be collected by companies that would use it for their own benefit. It is a very important topic to talk about nowadays as it seem to occur much more frequently than people would like to admit. Mark Zuckerberg […]

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