Changing things up quite a bit this week, I’m listening to an old favorite out of a genre I haven’t touched on yet. I’m not a huge advocate in rap music, but it’s most definitely a genre I can appreciate and enjoy. I feel as though the genre can be very competitive for rapper since they are continuously rapping and comparing themselves to other rappers. Typically, they are rapping about the money, girl and drugs they get because they’re, “the best”.
Tyler, The Creator does just the opposite. Although those subjects are still rapped about in his music, he does it in a different manner than most other artists. For those that are unfamiliar with who he is, he is a character. Tyler and his crew of rappers he brought together make up the rap group; OFWGKTA are filled with all different personalities, but are hilarious. The crew also created their own show on Adult Swim called Loiter Squad to film and show people their antics.


With all this humor and fun, what could go wrong right? Although Tyler gives off this crazy persona for people to laugh with, his raps can be interpreted in a whole other way. Tyler is known for rapping about much more gruesome topics like murder and things in that category. Tyler says this happens because all while growing up, it was something that fascinated him and so he would rap about it. Understanding the mind of a killer and making sense of it. This has gotten Tyler some negative feedback from listeners who don’t want to hear about things like that.