Dating back to only about last semester did I pick this band up in my go to playlist of music. My best friend Kevin, showed me their music after attending one of their shows in Chicago. This band is considered similar to the sound of Tame Impala, the 1960’s grunge rock. Their sound and lyrics are softer than those of Tame Impala, but are perfect for a relaxing day at the beach and reminds me of sweet summertime. Although The Growlers fit in the same style as Tame Impala, they are seen as of more of underground and don’t have quite as much music out at the time. Tame Impala has three albums and countless music videos to visualize the music theme. The Growlers only have one official music video out and only two albums out. The Growlers are getting their start coming from 2010 so they are on the track to greatness. Music aside, this band makes me happy to listen to knowing the recommendation came from one of my absolute best friends. This is the kind of music he loves and puts him in such a great mood. Just knowing that can automatically make me excited to listen to.


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