So for an example of the kind of sound and images this band associates with, I attached the music video I spoke of before in here. The video is for the song, I’ll Be Around. Now the music video most definitely follows the rules of rock in the sense that there are no rules when it comes to rock. This band in the video defies what some may consider appropriate. The video is definitely filled with the band members humor which can also be considered crude to others.

The video takes place entirely in the emergency room wing of a hospital. Off to tragic start as a group of friends drag their friends body out of the car as it appears he is suffering from an overdose. They bring him in and he is laid out on a stretcher as two nurses wheel him down hallway after hallway. The gang of friends follow behind as they want to see the fate of their friend. Although their friend is in bad condition, his friends don’t seem to notice and all sit in the room hanging out and almost too happy. The doctor tries to revive their friend but is careless and gives up after two attempts. The video continues as they have a party in the emergency room wing, dancing around with lights and other patients. The ghost of their friend joins them as well as other dead corpses in the morgue can be seen singing along. The video overall is set in the 60’s vibe they are going for including the clothes and the mentality of the hospital as the doctor smokes openly as he operates. I thought it was much different than what I was expecting. They did include visuals at the very end that are eye catching and seemed fit to their style.