Starting off the week of midterms and chaos before spring break calls for some calming music to take me to a happy quiet place. What better way to do that than listening to the psychedelic rock/pop group, Tame Impala. The band of four men got their start back in 2010 when they debuted their self-entitled album and really began to give a name for themselves. They’ve had the privilege to play with bands like The Black Keys. Some people would go as far as saying they give off vibes much like The Beatles did. The sound they give off can be described as spacy, and psychedelic. They uphold this theme with not only their music but their music videos. They utilize many different aspects of color and mind warping graphics that pull you in.

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Their most popular song off their most recent album that I really like is called, The Less I Know the Better. This song can be listened to when studying, driving, walking around campus, etc. It is off the album titled, Currents that came out in 2015. The song much like a lot of the songs on the album must do with love and the battles of it. In this song, specifically the lead talks about his love being with someone else and how he wants to be with her. He then tells himself the less he knows, the better because it’s breaking his heart to know what she’s doing with someone else.