In light of a recent and amazing weekend of mine, I have to talk about this dynamic duo. Big Gigantic, the EDM team based out of Boulder, CO continue to make jazzy music that’s almost impossible to not dance to. Over this past weekend I attended one of their shows they had in Milwaukee at the Riverside Theater. I went with two of my best friends and that in itself called for an amazing night. We got spots just in time to hear the opening act of a very similar duo called, Brasstracks open. They follow the same music trends as their lead act, Big G do. They incorporate lots of live instruments into their sets so that that sound is authentic. The only major difference is, they use a trumpet, while Big G is known for their saxophone solos.

During the show, one of my friends was bold enough to reach out to the opening act via instagram and message them. She left them a note saying how we would love a chance to meet with them after the show. With little to no faith in an message back, she got a text from the lead trumpeter saying they would love to meet us after the show. We were absolutely ecstatic. We waited after the show after they took pictures with fans and got a chance to introduce ourselves. We met the manager first who then led us to the duo. They were more than thrilled to hang out with us and explore Milwaukee seeing as they’ve never been. We offered to go to a club nearby and all hangout. They loved the idea and we went ahead while they packed up their bags. Nervous that we wouldn’t see them again, they appeared at the club about 20 minutes after us. But not only did they show up to the club but they brought Big G’s main man, Dominic Lalli with them. I got a chance to hang out and talk with the guys for the rest of the night. Essentially sending me into star shock that I was in the presence of one of the coolest artists I know. It was an amazing experience and opportunity to meet the guys and see what the production looked like on the other side of the stage. But this was a night I most definitely will never forget.