Continuing into the end of this week, I’ve stayed with the same artist but transitioned to some of his even newer music. The Australian DJ released another EP shortly after the Grammy’s this year. The Skin Companion II EP features four new songs that were not on his previous album but will rather stand separate from his other work. On this EP, three out of the four songs include other artists who he collaborated with. He continues to put out new music with new artists, staying away from any repeat features as well.

In the first song, ‘Enough’ it has a feature of Pusha T for vocals. He raps over the track that the DJ created, giving both a unique sound that when they stand alone.
The second song is featuring, Moses Sumney. This song differs from the first collaborating with a completely different artist in genre. The song is much slower in terms of vocals and gives a sweet melody with his inspirational and description lyrics.
The third song, is only by Flume and features no artist, still giving the DJ a chance to share his work in it’s purest form. The song is about 5 minutes long, making it the longest song on the EP as well. I like that he does this because it gives you a taste of all kinds of mixes while still staying true to his own organic sound.
The last song is, ‘Fantastic’ by Flume featuring Dave from the band, Glass Animals. This song especially peaked my interest in the sense that I’m a huge fan of Glass Animals and hope to blog in the future about their sound alone. This song they created together is a beautiful hybrid of their two different sounds and meshes very well together.
Overall this could very well be my new mix of what an artist he’s grown into and makes me excited to know what else he will be coming out with in the future.