While Alabama Shakes is known for their unique sound, and my favorite song of theirs is a much slower song, they do have others that more accurately represent the southern rock vibe they claim to have. In their song, Gimme All Your Love, off their more recent album, you hear much more of their guitar and drum sound come through. The song sings about putting work into a relationship and giving it your all. It’s still very mellow and the lyrics seem to float in between the guitar solos giving you a chance to appreciate both aspects of their sound. With a band as unique as, Alabama Shakes, their sound isn’t something that can really be played on KISS FM’s top 100 or anything like that. The look that they give both through their sound and stage presence isn’t anything like other traditional bands either. Their hipster-esque look belongs on a vinyl, played softly in the room as you read a book on a cold day. Their success as a band can be seen throughout the both Grammy nominated albums they’ve produced in just a short 4 years of entering the spotlight. The Sound & Color album was not only nominated, but won for the Best Alternative Music Album the year it came out. I love following this group of individuals and can’t wait to hear what new music they are going to produce.

Gimme All Your Love